Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dennis Martin 723

Dennis Martin built my car from components he purchased from the factory. He was an enthusiastic competitor who had decided to make the step up from Formula Vees. The car was assembled with a Mk8 Hewland and all the other necessary equipment. When it came time to race Dennis had to borrow tow cars of people because he had put all his money into his racing car.
After a time of competing in the 723 he decided to pulled apart and use the components designed and built a Formula Ford himself. This car that he built looks quite different but is still running today. Even though it is not a Valour it has value in that it is a car that has survived from the 70's
Dennis was still competing the last time I looked. He went from Fords back to Vees and has at least one national Vee title. Today I think he is now building Formula First (Formula Vee)


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