Monday, June 25, 2007

The Designer - Trevor Larsen

As you will see later in the blog there were three cars that were designed by Trevor Larsen of Auto Research. I believe that the first cars were designed and built in Huntly. The company was moved to Lake Road, Hamilton in the early 1970's when they started building the Formula Fords.

There were 14 kitsets Formula Vees and 2 factory built Vees that were used in the Auto Research Driving School that operated out of Bay Park, Tauranga.

Ten Formula Fords were built plus a further two in production at the time the company was closed down. Two of the Fords went to Australia. One returned to New Zealand.

Do you know whatever happened to the Formula Ford that arrived in Australia in the 1970's? I would love to know.

Only one Formula Junior was built


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